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Yup, I’m still behind on my daily word count so I’m not posting my meager amounts just yet. This fragile artist’s ego can’t handle it…

I’ve had a break through today. Not a break down but a break through. I’ve decided that I’m going to achieve my word goals if I sit down and hammer out 2 or 3 HUNDRED words at a time. It’s a huge deviation from my word binges in the thousands but whatever works, right? (Yeah, those 2, 3, 4,000 word counts were all written in pretty much one sitting.) I think I’ve figured out a rough, shifty story line, well, more like pulled one out of thin air. The baddies are starting to show up and since it’s set in Victorian Era England I figure why not take advantage of England and France’s history?

I’m hoping things will start moving now that I have an idea of the direction and characters are starting to spontaneously appear. It’ll give me a good idea of what to write and with more characters, I’ll have more to work with. I’m starting to get the feeling I had with the Western (it still doesn’t have a title) so this is a really good sign. I’m looking forward to the twists and turns that I have no clue are in store for me. At this point, I think I just have to get the characters moving and start the action. I got mired in describing the first part of the visit that’s going to kick off this story but now that the rumours have been literally brought to the table (I feel like I’m part of The Godfather) let the fun begin!

I have high hopes and good feelings about this month’s story. What better present then to be able to wrap up a completed and bound manuscript for my parents to open on Christmas Day? for that to happen, I have my work cut out for me but it’s a goal that will egg me on and hopefully make me do my best.

*P.S.- Watch the header because I’ll be posting a complete picture of The Family- Pascal, Josephine and their 6 (that’s right 6) scowly babies. Where do they find the time to have 6 scowly babies and pester me?

P.P.S.- The goggles haven’t appeared yet in my story but they’re coming! I promise!


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This is to briefly introduce you to Josephine, my analyst. WordPress friends, may I introduce you to Josephine.

Josephine, WordPress.

Josephine, The Analyst

So until tomorrow, I should get back to my writing in my nice clean room. It’s amazing what sacrificing an afternoon of writing can do for your living space. Just pop in a movie, let your dog keep you company and clean, clean, clean. It’s good for the soul AND the waistline! If Martha Stewart was an aerobics instructor, I just took her class.

(BTW, She’s now my back drop on Twitter! (Josephine I mean, not M.S.) My, my, she does get around, doesn’t she? There’s no escaping Josefiend!)

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