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I figured this will probably be the best/only time today I’ll get to post an update. As I sit here and eat my banana chips (which I have also unfortunately finished because all I was doing was eating, not eating and typing) and brainstorm this post, I can’t help but feel disappointed in my story.

On the bus ride in to work today I was working on the novel and I came to a very sad realization- this book could be argued to be almost exactly like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (the first one). Perhaps the themes are universal and that there are plenty of stories out there with adventurous families, dead parents, mysterious societies, mysterious keys, and world domination of some kind. Sound familiar? It does to me.

To be honest though, who cares? This story is really based on the characters. If I knew how to do a character study, perhaps it would turn into that but I don’t so pffft. There will be lots of detail and descriptions and hopefully some explosions. I see a dirigible floating into then blowing up Big Ben. But tat’s been done too, right?

Will ANYTHING other than my characters’ names be original? *Le sigh*

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