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It’s another classic Nova Sotian day today. Wet, windy, and absolutely delightful. It must be the Irish blood in me that revels in the rainy, wind-swept days. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sunshine but there’s something about steely grey clouds, pregnant with raindrops and a mournful wind. See what I mean?

Well, today is going to be filled with writing, although perhaps not the kind you’re expecting. It’s Christmas card season and I’m very late with mine. I’ve got lots of people to send to so it’s going to keep me busy. Then, Yesterday and I get to go to my Irish lesson tonight. And work? Well, I’m doing that too.

I’ve given up caring about this story too much- I just want to get to the point where it gets exciting! I love my characters names and I’m looking forward to seeing what their adventures are and how they get out of the scrapes they find themselves in. I can’t wait!

So right now, I have to focus on getting things done at work then it’s off the Wal-Mart and other such errands. I want to sit down and really work on this story! I miss having chunks of time to really get into the novel and power through the parts that are just so-so. Will a busy schedule help my writing or hurt it? It doesn’t seem too promising right now, does it?


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