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You know the part in the movie “Amadeus” where Mozart is madly conducting his orchestra with a maniacal look on his face? Well,

1. That’s how I feel with my writing

2. I wish I could find a massage therapist to work on my back with that intensity ’cause I huuuuuurt that much.

Some days you feel like an inspired genius. And some days not. (http://static-l3.blogcritics.org/11/03/12/154863/amadeus-movie.jpg)

I’m proud to say that I’ve hit the first stride for the book. I’m keeping it action packed and each time I sit down something seemingly big happens and that’s great! Not only for whoever gets to read it (no skipped parts in MY books!) but also for me. What’s the fun of writing something when you know exactly what’s going to happen? I need surprises and the best ones make you sit back and exclaim “Uh huh, oh no he/she did NOT just do that! Holy Diana Ross!” THAT, my friend, is a plot twist.

I can’t tell you how long I spent with my trusty little Sharpie Pen (of which I bought 2 more packages) and paper and scribbled the story out. The pacing between my brain and my hands was pure poetry. With the typing, I get all finger-tied, they just can’t keep up. At least I know now I’ll never make it as a sign language rapper. *Le sigh* Dexterity is not one of my strong suits.

As I sit here and eat Timbits and do some work at work I can’t help but let my mind wander and think of all sorts of dastardly events that my protagonists may come up against. I thought my primary character would be Basil but it just might end up being Evelyn. I don’t quite know yet.  Only time will tell!


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