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Where Did December Go?

(Yuppers, this is another forgotten draft rescued from the mouth of infinity)

What has happened to the month?! I take comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one who’s experiencing the December Drain. Life is certainly busy right now. It’s been really hard to get my writing done. There always seems to be something more to be done and someone vying for my attention at that second. I’m starting to understand what it’s like to be a parent only everything they need to juggle is necessary.

It’s been a tough month but I’m going to really focus for the remainder to get as much done as possible. The good thing is that Mom and Dad are visiting and they’ll keep me tied to my seat and writing. For that I’m so grateful. It’s been a really fun project this month but I’ve struggled with getting back into my writing schedule.

For the past couple days I’ve been thinking about success and almost-success. Maybe I’ve said this before, I think I have, but it warrants a review. I can work on stories the begin to drift into my consciousness each month but there are some that I just can’t complete. Sometime its a matter of being unprepared as far as research goes, other times its the story itself. Maybe it’s not ready to be expressed or maybe it just doesn’t matter enough to me for me to put the hand cramps, sleepless nights and cranky deadline stress into seeing it to fruition. As a writer, I hate to think that there are stories in my imagination that aren’t worth the effort but there are. Plain and simple. Perhaps I’ve created something that would bring another writer immeasurable joy to work with and call their own but for me it’s just an exercise.

I’ve been meaning to review my blog entries and see if I can see a shift in quality (I can spot the decline in quantity immediately). I wonder how they’ve changed. Have they improved? Regressed? Or are they just different? I feel like they’ve lost something, a particular sparkle or zing but I don’t know what. Maybe its enthusiasm or optimism that drove them in the beginning. Whatever it is, I want it back.


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