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Wintery Writing

It’s been an interesting few days. I’ve managed to get a bit of work done but not as much as I wanted. And do you know the biggest problem I’ve come across? I I have pages and pages of handwritten story that I now have to input. And that’s just bothersome. You also know what that means… my internal critic will have a field day. It’s pretty much impossible to get things transcribed and not make adjustments, whether it’s spelling, missing words or reconfiguring sentences. I suppose that’s just a pitfall that I’m going to have to navigate around or avoid altogether by not transferring the story to my designated Word document.

I’ve been having trouble with the pacing for this story. I don’t know how to progress this story. I feel like I’ve started it about a third of the way in and that the events I’m covering now should be occurring around the 20-25,000 word mark but they’re not. I don’t know if I’ve made it to the 10,000 point yet.

Apparently I’ve really taken the “get ‘er done” philosophy to heart and am plowing through the story. At this point I’ll have a sketch of what I want to do but I feel like it could be covered in a few pages. Plus, you know what? I haven’t been doing my short stories either! I’m really super awful right now. Blame it on my optimism. It’s awful being so positive sometimes, truthfully. Haven’t I reached this conclusion already? I’ve never claimed to be a fast learner sometimes.

I still have no idea what is next on the docket. I thought I’d be chomping at the bit to get started and to have a new project in the wings ready to go but oddly enough, no. I’m very reticent about walking away from this story for now. I’m not quite sure why. Usually at the point in the month I’ve become completely disengaged with the project and am biding my time until the first of the next month. Why am I not feeling this now? It’s odd. It obviously is struggling to be finished but I’m running out of time. Granted, there’s all next week and with two champions for my cause, I think I can really get some good work done but you never know. As much as I love my job, it’s exhausting. Poor little Yesterday isn’t even getting the walkies she should be!

I just want to be home writing all day! Sadly, there are some pesky little details in life, annoying little gnats called bills. Sadly, pennies must be earned. we can all dream though, right?


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