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Third Time’s the Charm

I’ve been trying to post this entry for days now, actually going on a week if not a little longer. It feels like forever though and I’m determined to end my misery by the time I go home today (which I failed horribly. Again.)

I was working on the story last night in a pub and it was intriguing. I’ve written in libraries, coffee shops and other public places but the pub was inspiring and thought provoking to say the least. Perhaps the Guiness and Jameison I had tuned my ears into the chatter around me or perhaps it was the atmosphere (I felt slightly kind of like James Joyce although will never reach his calibre). Snipets of conversations wafted over to where I was sitting in a corner. mouse-like and unobtrusive and it was fascinating. I think it’s a very rich source for ideas that is taken for granted and forgotten about. Or maybe that’s just true in my case.

You walk by hundreds if not thousands of people a day (depending on where you are) and they all have stories. I would bet quite a bit that over half of them have a piece of their history that you would never be able to make up in your imagination. Immigration stories, families, past friends and lovers, adventures and future plans, these are just a few of the countless parts of life that make people a treasure trove of surprises and delights.

I think I’ve found a new source of inspiration and quite possibly a new favourite place to work. Where else can I people watch with a pint and a plate of the best poutine this side of Quebec? It’s never too late to learn a new trick!

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