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I’ll post a fuller, more thoughtful, reflective post later today but at the moment, errands beckon. So here’s a short and simple one.

I’ve suddenly lost the momentum I discovered late last week. It seems to me that if I’m even the littlest bit busy at work my writing gets sidelined. I know it’s possible to juggle writing with all my other commitments but how is it done? I’ve never been good at taking on more than one job at a time; I just can’t multitask that way. I would have thought that writing would be made a priority on a regular basis but it hasn’t and that makes me sad.

At the same time, the beginning of the story has really developed quickly. That pace is tough to maintain. I am running into scenes and junctions in the plot that are going to be critical and I don’t really want to commit to one yet. It’s like spelunking in the sense that you’re at the mouth of the cave and unknown adventures await. As you start making your way farther in, the possibilities are exciting and limitless but at some point you’re going to have to decide whether to go right or left because you certainly can’t do both. Then you’re quickly going to get so far in that you won’t be able to retrace your steps to try the other option. I’m just not sure what one feels like the best fit.

If only this were a Choose Your Own Adventure. I suppose I can always return to the story after the month’s over and play around with a few other scenarios at some other point.

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