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The Write Spot

Once again, I’m hunting for an inspiring spot to work. Home worked well for a while, then it was too busy and annoying and fraught with distractions. Like my tweet said one day, I have less personal space there than a gnat in full bondage leather mask and all.  Scary, I know. So, I’m on the prowl again. What constitutes an ideal spot? Let me outline the requirements:

1. a balance of quiet and background noise- coffee shops are ideal for this. If it’s too quiet I start looking for distractions. If it’s too loud, I spend more time shooting dirty looks and passive aggressive stares.

2. the right company- Yesterday is has perfected the art of unobtrusive cuddles and cheerleading. She knows when I need a break and is happy to have a nap when I really get into the story.

3. it’s not too comfortable- I can’t be falling asleep because I’m on my bed or in my room working or on a couch that swallows me up in all it’s luxuriousness. Think wing-back chair and a little lap table (a là breakfast-in-bed variety)or a desk and comfortably-padded chair. NO recliners!

The rest has to do with self-control such as internet, food, movies and housework. In all reality, writing is one of those pursuits that have the luxury of being able to be accomplished wherever you are. It’s one of the lowest-maintenance activities out there as well. As long as you have something to write on and to write with, you’re good to go. Just watch Geoffrey Rush in Quills. Everyone has their own level of dedication. I wish mine was higher than it seems to be.

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