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Subliminal Sabotage

I wanted to get some work done yesterday since I had a ridiculously open schedule at work. It would’ve worked if I had BROUGHT MY COMPUTER.¬†You can’t work if you don’t have your tools, right? I didn’t even have my paper I usually cart around with me! It was a sad, frustrating and disgustingly wasted day, in terms of writing. Work on the other hand picked up. Like I’ve said in the past, I’m always busy, either not making money but writing or working and earning my pennies but not writing.

I’ve had some support over the past few weeks that I really appreciate but it’s not the kind that is encouraging for me. Namely, sacrifice. I know, I know. I can’t have it all and if you really want something to succeed, there is usually sacrifice involved. In the past I’ve listed all the activities I have in my life and it was stressing me out thinking I couldn’t do it all.

Then I had the epiphany.

Why should I eliminate the things in my life that promote, health, growth and satisfaction when I could cut out the extras? And the extras primarily consist of watching movies and TV show marathons. I’ve forgotten that when I’ve had those successful months, I spent very little time reading or watching movies or TV. It’s very tempting to sit down in front of my computer (I don’t have a TV) and zone out to Grey’s Anatomy or pick up the next book in the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.

Now that I’ve entered the writing circle of novelist, I have an entirely new appreciation of the art. It’s important to read others’ work and learn from their style but what good is that knowledge if you don’t apply it? So, thank you to all those who have sent me notes of encouragement and support. The advice may not have sat well in the beginning but I understand it now and realize there are so many other options in my life t which it could apply.

Thank you to all of you who have spent the time reading my posts and have taken the time to send me a note. It’s been so appreciated.

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