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We all have dreams. Some are attainable (such as my inexplicable desire to drive a Zamboni), others are a little more over-ambitious. I’ve had the good fortune to be born with a healthy dose of flightiness or as my Mom calls it, fickleness. Why am I lucky, you ask? I have optimistically determined that I am lucky to count these dubious traits as part of my charcter because I can never be disappointed. Before rolling your eyes, hear me out.

When you’re fickle, you’re always living half-in the moment. You may not know what you want to do with your life and change carer paths more than your college roommate changed his/her underwear. You’re always dreaming and scheming and over time I learned that I can never be disappointed with my life because out of all the wild and wooly plans I’ve sketched out and lived through in my imagination, statistics dictates that at least one will be seen to fruition in some variation. And if something side-blinds you and completely knocks you off your trajectory, hopefully your mercurial life has taught you to go with it.

I’ve recently realized that a situation I’ve adamantly vetoed in the past has reappeared in a different form and I’m in love with this new prospect. It’s not going to happen overnight or even within the next few years so I can safely indulge in planning out every last detail without having to apply for a loan or sell my first-born. That’s the beauty of dreams- they’re cheap, encourage creativity, stimulate your imagination, and have the power to push you through the tough times. They’re important to have, even if they fizzle out before they’re fulfilled. As is the case with this newest passion, all it takes is finding the right source of inspiration to send you off in a direction you never thought you’d ever consider.

This writing project never started as a dream but it has certainly encouraged and fostered small and large ambitions. Will I succeed in any? I’m not sure but I sincerely hope so. All I know is that I hope I continue to live in a world full of wonderful projects to pursue and dreams in which to indulge because they make life exciting. I have no direction which way my life will go but I would be happy with any of the 100 or so I envision myself falling into.

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