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Curious Monday

I had a list of random questions to ask but they seemed to have fallen out of my head via my ears last night while I was asleep. So the only one I can remember (probably because I never  thinking about it) is about these blog posts.

I’m a slap-together-on-the-fly, post-then-forget-about-it kind of person. I don’t even usually read what I’ve written before sending this zipping out into cyberspace. If I’ve fixed all the red squigglies then I consider the editing process completed and I’m free to carry on with the rest of my day. Do most people work this way or do you spend a significant amount of time tweaking and editing and perfecting your posts?

I thought I’d make a great editor one day but somehow I don’t think this is the case. How could I make it through someone else’s work when I can’t even be bothered to review my own scribblings? This is one of the many areas I’ve discovered I need to tighten up. Sadly, I’m still very much a hack at this. It’s like working at a law firm and I’m still wearing clothes from Forever 21. Pretty unacceptable.

I thought that I was on the more talented side of writing but the further into it the less I’m convinced that’s the case. It really is its own universe and I’m a tiny person floating around aimlessly. Perhaps I’ll bump into something (i.e. a workshop, a mentor, a fellow crazy 12-novel-in-a-year writer) but these are rare occurrences. More likely I’m drifting along in my own little bubble, happily assuming that I’m talented. Perhaps I am and perhaps I’m not. For now I’m happy to drift but at some point I’m going to start feeling the pings of stagnation.

Growth is inevitable if you take pride in who you are. There will always be new things to absorb into your current repatoire of abilities. Growing lackadaisical  is a pitfall that is important to avoid but into which is easy to slip. It’s hard work to stay focused and moving forward. It’s been an overwhelming time for me but in the end there’s no excuse for slacking off. The goal should be to writer something, anything, each day. I’ve even forgotten my amendment regarding a 500-word short story a month if the novel isn’t working out. How naughty is that?!

I wish this wasn’t the case and I regret not having been more structured with my writing (both the novels and the blog) because I’ve really enjoyed reading my posts from back in the summer and wished there were lots more. I think I may need to make a collage of some of the more positive, upbeat ones for inspiration. I’ll try anything to step my game up again. I really don’t want to let another month go without a victory trip to Staples to get my manuscript bound. It’s been too long and I miss the heady atmosphere of an office supply store.

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