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Onto the Next One

I’m officially on the downward slide to the end. This makes me a little sad, I can’t believe that I’m heading into my 8th month. Really? It’s already to this point? It seems like I’ve just started this adventure but the end is right around the corner! Nooooooooooo say it ain’t so!

Since my dream of hitting the 50k mark each month has long ago shriveled up and blown away, my consolation dream of finishing 6 of the 12 means I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me starting now. That’s eye-poppingly scary but exciting. I really miss the high of the 11th hour where I’m furiously scribbling and shrieking at my characters when they do something utterly stupid which requires an additional chapter to rectify. I miss those adrenaline rushes. So for the 5 months, this is it. It’s time to get serious!

I don’t know what’s going to happen this month with anything in my life so it’s going to be interesting. I love that I have my writing to keep me sane and busy. It’s a project that I’ve neglected often especially when when I need something to focus on and take control of in my life. I think I lost that aspect of my hobby. It’s more than creating a novel or telling the character’s story for me. This is a venue for me to be able to escape life and take control of something. As much as I get frustrated with the story and the tension of maintaining such a frantic pace, I find I get even more stressed and upset when the story peters out half way through the month. So with these benefits in mind, I’m hoping that I will be able to use them as motivation and incentive to get the stories done. Sometimes the push to accomplish a huge task isn’t glittery and sunshiny.

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