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I was invited to write an article about this project for the Writer’s Fed of NS’s bi-monthly newsletter. It goes out to all members of the Fed which include (and here I’m assuming): writers, publishers, editors, journalists, agents, and anyone else involved in the literary world. Hence, the 600-word-and-under article is a big deal. So big in fact, I’ve been paralyzed with fear. How do I encapsulate all I’ve learned and articulate what I want in regards to writing a novel a month? The growth and evolution of who I am as a writer is astounding; how do I pick the most important parts? It seems to be a herculean task.

Don’t forget, I’ve spent months stretching out ideas in order to wring out every last word possible to help me make my 50,000 goal. I feel like Cinderella’s evil stepsister when the prince’s secretary tries wedging her big, fat foot into a tiny shoe. This exercise is mental agony. It’s almost impossible for me to smush all these thoughts onto 1 page but somehow I have to do it.

This highlights a worry I have about going back to school. I’m jumping the gun regarding grad school but the idea of a thesis is intimidating. I love the writing, I really do. None of it matters right now. Who cares if my spelling stays uncorrected and my story is crap? Nothing hinges on the plot’s originality and the story arc doesn’t have to be perfect. Life goes on, unaffected by my weaknesses but not in the academic world.

This month is romance. Last week I was working on finishing up season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy so when I started the novel, naturally it featured a hospital. I’m less than thrilled with how it’s starting out. This doesn’t have to be the focal point but I haven’t been sweating over my ancient laptop working my way out of this scenario. In fact, I haven’t been doing much work at all on the novel. The article’s been taking up my time and true to form, I’ve procrastinated to the point where it may be too late now to send it out and have it included. If that’s the case, that’s not good.

There are a lot of things I have to change in my life, it’s been a free-fall so the climb back up is going to be slow and painful.

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