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T’is the season to either walk around with a giant “Kiss Me!” bullseye emblazoned on your chest or a full suit of 14th century body armour to deflect those death stares of lust. With all the hearts and pink flowers everywhere it’s an emotional minefield. I wouldn’t have picked the romance genre but I was already scraping the bottom of the barrel with the fautobiography. There was nothing faux about it so romance most definitely had to stay.

It boggles my mind how many ways there are to describe romantic trysts. I suppose the combinations and permutations are infinite but how many descriptions for body parts are out there that aren’t clichéd? Not too many because I would have discovered them, trust me. This is one of those times when it really sucks being put in the mind of my character. How can I be dazzled by my life when she’s surrounded by all the handsome men I can imagine? It feels like starting off at  Prime Rib buffet at Tequilaberry’s then realize you’re at Rump-Roast Monday in Vegas after a 40-hour gambling run.

I’ve gotten really good at taking myself out for some pretty incredible dates but it’s hard to write about experiences that are so frayed in my memory that they’re mere impressions of the past. I thought that February would be the perfect time to write the romance but perhaps it’s just too much girliness. It’s overloading my circuits. Maybe I need to bring in a SWAT team for some old fashioned explosions, blood and guts and tension relief. I suppose they could be considered men in uniforms, correct?

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