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I’m still madly scribbling and now the story is criss-crossed with the demands of a lunatic. Do this, write that, don’t forget to finish this, etc., and all sorts of other directives that I’m ignoring for now. The day’s been surprisingly productive already and I’ve been getting antsy to get back to my stories. Of course, I’m far from done. In fact, the story is all skeleton, there’s hardly any meat to any of the stories but that’s perfectly fine with me.

I would love to finish the CYOA, as completely as I did the stories last summer but I’d be perfectly happy with just having the outlines done. I had an idea of where things were going and what’s actually happening is completely off track to what my plans were. This is great when I’m working on one story line but when I’m dealing with multiples going to random directions? This is a nightmare! I’m great at taking things at stride but I’d like to have things stick to my plan. As much as I love deviations, it would’ve been so much easier to have things go according to the plan in my little head.

I feel like I need to invest in some index cards and coloured string because there’s been some back tracking and it’s getting confusing. Oddly enough, I haven’t come across the tie-in and links that I expected. There are other ones but the links I expected aren’t happening and I don’t know how it’s going to affect the novel (is it a novel? I don’t know…) as a whole. It’s very confusing and oddly I’m loving this puzzle. Finally! I’ve found something that I have to figure out and piece together. I’ve never been one of puzzles of any sort but this, I’m really enjoying.

So, as I do a zillion loads of laundry and try to stay warm I have probably 8 to 10 more stories to write. And they’re just going to be outlines at the moment. Yikes!

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