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Happy Soggy Wednesday

It’s not the 1/2 way point to my week but for those of you who have reached that milestone, enjoy hump day! It’s one of those days that sends my creative self into a whirling tizzy- gloomy and rainy enough to see and hear the pitter patter of it against the window. If I could live in a glass house situated under a rain machine I’d be thrilled. Alas, that’s not the case so I have to make do with the weather I get so I can’t waste today!

It’s a sad day today because George the Jeep is broken. He’s in the shop being fixed and so I have no wheels to get to work at the moment. There’s always a taxi but I really miss the bus. I can’t write or plot out the story when I drive but worse yet is that I spend time at home reading when I should be writing. I wouldn’t be doing that if I was able to take the bus. Those 2 half-hour trips were my designated reading time. *Shaking angry fists*

The story is coming along more slowly than I hoped. Namely because by the time I can get around to it at night I end up falling asleep. ┬áThat just won’t do for getting anything accomplished. That’s really unfortunate because the story’s going so well and I’m really enjoying the puzzle it’s presenting. Granted, I’m flying through it and my handwriting it becoming harder and harder to read but the quicker I sketch out the stories, the sooner I can go back and flush them out. I don’t like the thought of having something half done even if the structure has been completed.

So after what seems like hours of procrastinating today, I’ll finally get started on the story and perhaps I’ll get a small chunk done before heading in to work.

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