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Officially in Trouble

It’s down to a serious time crunch here and I’m sweatin’ bullets. As much as I adore the CYOA, it’s awful for accomplishing the huge chunks I envisioned I would be flying through each day. Why is that you ask? Well it’s the deviations in the plot that are getting me.

I love options and the excitement of seeing where you’re going to end up if you choose path A over path B. It’s the same reason why I love hedge mazes. The thrill of hitting a dead end and having to back track is perhaps more exciting then making it to the very end. It’s easy to fall into the trap of addressing all the “what ifs” in the plot and taking every detour and alternative that your imagination can throw at you.As a reader it’s a smorgesboard of entertainment but as a writer, it’s a minefield of insanity-inducing story telling.

I may have to cut out one of the 4 main story lines. Too bad it isn’t the generic one that I actually finished. The two I’ve done have the same setting and the other two are completely different so I can either roughly sketch out the stories or end up with 3 more complete pieces. I’ll see how my story goes tonight then make the final decision then. The beauty with these projects is that nothing is ever finished so I basically end up with a template that I can go back and review later on. It’s just like life- things are always evolving and changing, you just have to keep your faith in the cosmos and be willing to take on the next adventure.

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