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I get tired of being an optimist. Reality always comes as a rude shock and I’m sure the peanut gallery in my life is tired of chanting “I told you so” like the chorus in a Greek Tragedy. Yet, it’s impossible to stop imagining the best and striving towards it.

I thought this month would be different and I’d finally start off the month on the right foot. What ever made me think that?! True to form, I completed a whopping 250 words on the 1st and nothing yesterday. That’s right. I’m already 2976 words behind and that’s not counting today’s contribution. Can I catch up? You bet. Will I? In reality probably not. Knowing me, I live in Fantasyland and not the good kind of Fantasyland either.

I had no idea what I was going to do for my Adventure novel. I was a Nancy Drew kind of girl growing up. I never read Gulliver’s Travels or Treasure Island and I just read The Lost World within the past year. I was afraid that I knew just enough about the adventure genre to mash together some of the classics into an epic tome of plagiarism.

Much to my delight though, just as I sat down to start writing (if in doubt, free write and something’s bound to materialize, right?) the story began to take shape. Now considering it has pirates AND bootleggers, I don’t hold high hopes for 1. originality and 2. non-redundancy (is that even a concept?). I just hope that I make it this month and reach the sparkly 50,000 words again.

As with each month, I think this is going to be a ton of fun and the genre that will bump me back on track. I’ve been taking the project much too seriously for too long, it’s time to get back into the fun bits. I really miss the mad scribblings and the flurry of creativity as I fall into the writer’s world. Ah, who am I kidding? I miss holing up in my apartment all day, never getting out of my jammies, getting writing cuddles from Yesterday and watching the story unfold before my very eyes. When it comes to adventures, that’s the kind of exhilaration that I crave on a daily basis.

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