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In 2 hours I woke up, had a shower, put makeup on (which means I’m good for another 6-months now since it tends to be a semi-annual occurrence) and had a meeting. I left ridiculously early and put a ridiculous amount of money in the meter so I toddled off to find a Starbucks to get my daily dose of super-unhealthy apple cider and whipped cream. Since I neglected to bring a coat  I figured the venti was acceptable. I needed calories to stay warm.

What does all this have to do with writing, you ask? Uhhh, pretty much nothing really. Since I finished early I thought it would be nice to crawl back into bed with the dog for some bonus snuggles before my day legitimately starts. Instead, I pull out Lucille the laptop. So here I am. Yes, I’d love to be in bed with Yesterday but there’s nothing quite like writing in the morning. With Furry Little Bum Cheeks resting in her crate and the roomie and her dogs in her room, I can pretend for a while that I live on my own.

I haven’t written in days and sadly I think I’m running out of steam. I had the horrific thought yesterday that I can’t wait until this project is over. *Gasp* There I said it. As much as I love the creative process and dreaming up new stories, I’m looking forward to going through a month where I’m not upset over feeling apathy towards my writing and the disappointment of not completing ANOTHER book. I can’t wait to find a new project to start.

Will I stick with this blog? For sure! I’ll still be tinkering with the stories and I’ll keep on writing but maybe it’ll turn into 4 novels in 12 months. Or perhaps a novel a year but that will include editing. It’s hard to say what the future will hold for me. I’m certainly not giving up; the end is so near I would be doing a huge disservice to all of you who have supported me (as well as to myself) if I were to quit. And goodness knows, when I’m serious about an endeavour, it takes a lot to force me to throw in the towel. I’mfar from that point.

So I’m determined to go out in a blaze of glory. I have a chance at 4 more successes. I am looking forward to seeing a pile of manuscripts, in various stages of completion through the bottom of a bottle of champagne. Stubborness has gotten me this far and Brut force is going to carry me the rest of the way. It has a way of making things Cristal clear.

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