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I’m a huge procrastinator. While I generally love waking up early, well early-ish, around 7:30 each morning, I’ve been struggling with actually getting out of bed. When I put off starting my day, I loseĀ hours each week when I could be writing. But I prefer staying warm under the covers with the dog rather than going into work already having accomplished a goal for the day.

So here we are in the middle of tax time. I joke with my Mom that I’m guaranteed at least 2 dates a year with a really great guy- my accountant. I think a sense of humour should be a requirement when becoming a CA (certified accountant) or any other professional who has the ability to rip your financial life to shreds. Just like I want a dress designer to be friendly and happy when she’s measuring me for a piece of clothing she’s making. My accountant sees all my dirty financial secrets and dealing with an easy-going friendly person sitting on the other side of a giant desk makes it a little less scary. So, true to form, I stayed in bed this morning rather than get everything organized for my first date this week.

As I’ve blogged about in the past, my writing probably takes the brunt of my procrastination. I have missed so much in life because I’ve become apathetic and lazy not to mention there are so many stories that haven’t been completed because of my lack of follow-through. The old maxim is so right when someone says “if you want something done give it to a busy person.” There’s been a whole lot of nothing going on in my life so do I really want to sit down and expend more brain power when I could either be out exercising (even more unlikely) or sitting and watching t.v. shows or movies (sadly the winner almost every night)? The frustrating bit is that I know what I’m capable of when I’m busy and I miss that energy. I want to get it back but trust me, it’s so much harder to get it back than to maintain it.

When I look at procrastination this way it disgusts me. I moved from Toronto because my life was passing me by and I didn’t want to merely exist anymore. I owed it to myself to fulfill the needs I had regarding other aspects of myself that were mere centimeters away from disappearing forever. Now I’m struggling with the same problem just different variables. I don’t know if these changes I’ve started to my life will get me out of this rut of which I constantly find myself riding the rim but it’s a start.

So until then, I have plenty of necessary evils to accomplish and with the buses back in action I have no excuse not to go to yoga or the gym not to mention beautiful spring weather to take the dog out for walks. Suddenly my previously empty day has miraculously filled up and I have a feeling that’s what is supposed to happen.

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