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This has been a tumultuous month to say the least. Every few days I’ve been in meetings for various reasons and my life is in such upheaval that I should have been using my writing as the anchor to keep something in my world constant. Sadly, my writing is too unstructured and abstract. So what has been happening in the world of San? Let me fill you in.

1. Going back to school That’s right. This little chickadee is trying to upgrade her undergrad degree from a 3-year general to a 4-year honours (can I even get an honours? Pffft I don’t know but we shall see!). All I’m missing is ONE measly 4-year seminar. Of course it had to be a big course, it couldn’t have been oh say a first year intro to Freudian thinking or something like that. And to compound matters, I’m not even in the same province in which the university I graduated from is located! My life is never simple. So at the moment I’m balancing the requirements of two different universities and trying to weasel my way into one so I can get an upgraded degree from another. I feel like a little circus poodle jumping through fiery hoops.

2. Quitting my job and finding a new one What’s life without the adrenaline-producing, eczema-causing stress  excitement of starting over in a new job? With that comes the delicate splicing of two different schedules and requirements. It’s been a very tough balancing act and while it’s going to be hard month coming up, it will be a relief to establish a new routine and start a new chapter in my life. It will be bittersweet but something I know is very much needed. I think it’s a good sign that on my way into work after signing my new contract the radio station I had on started playing Lynard Skynard’s Freebird. It’s a good sign. This bird is free!

3. Apartment hunting As if there wasn’t enough to juggle I’m now literally itching to find my own place. After 4 years of living on my own, the novelty of a roommate has long since run out. There’s nothing like coming home to a quiet apartment with the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want to do it. My allergies are already driving me crazy. It’s more than time to find my own little place closer to new NEW JOB and the rest of my life in Halifax.

4. I’m back to not writing as much as I know I’m capable of accomplishing So obviously my writing has nose-dived through this free-falling, haphazard existence of mine. I wish it didn’t; the ideas and stories aren’t drying up. I just don’t have the energy to sit down and transcribe the movies playing in my head. I get caught up in details and god forbid things actually click. There’s too much happening for me to keep up with it because my typing skills are crap. On average I probably delete 2 out of every 6 letters I type. That’s pitiful.

So, it’s March 23rd and I haven’t even reached 2,000 words I think but I still have just over a week to give it an honest go. Now that work has been resolved, apartment hunting can be relegated to just being monitored and school has been researched satisfactorily, I can get back to my little abstract world of stability. It’s reassuring to know that my life might be in upheaval but I can always bury myself in my imagination and for a while forget about what has to be fixed, accommodated or juggled. Better late than never, eh?

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