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Since this post is originally from March 31st, make that 2 bubbles.

Thank goodness it’s popped as it floats over me drenching me with hope for the next¬† this month. As I mentioned in a previous post, life seemed to get away from me a bit and take over. Now that life has settled down into a new rhythm for the moment I’m looking forward to putting more emphasis and focus on my writing.

I can’t believe I lived a whole month like I had before this challenge started. There were very few days when I actually thought about the novel and I may have sat down 6 times to work on it. I’ve been bad in the past for not finishing but never to this degree. I wonder if it gets easier or harder to stick with the project as the finish line becomes clearer. I really want to finish but do I have the stamina? Im not quite sure.

With the prospect of working 2 jobs for April, we’ll see how true the old maxim is because without a doubt I will be a very busy lady. After a long day on Sunday at a workshop for the new job I was drained. I was barely able to drag myself out to get some necessary doggie stuff and when I passed the cheapo movie bin at Wal-Mart I couldn’t resist. So, with my defenses temporarily destroyed I walked out with 4 movies.

It was fairly late when I got home so I decided to give up on starting April’s selection in favour of doing some research. Lucky for me this month’s genre is mindless ChickLit! Hooray for the 20-something heroine and the trouble caused by miscommunication! Of course that’s not all the genre is based on but with a pretty clear-cut formula it should be a little more straightforward. No more struggling through a plot and wasting time and energy making sure it’s right. Get ‘er done is the plan from here on out!

It would be lovely to b able to work on a story that really sucks me in and consumes my attention. It’s been so long since I’ve felt that. Maybe I’ve fought the free fall into my imagination or perhaps I haven’t come across another story that has been as intriguing as the few I’ve finished. Just like there will be people you will never click with, there are genres out there that I’ll never get or will never be interesting for me. The trick is to stick with what I like and what I know. There’s nothing wrong in working purely in one style or genre. Maybe it’s a good thing to become an expert in one specific area rather than a jack of all trades.

I have no idea if ChickLit will be a success for me or not;¬†goodness knows I read enough of it! I have a rough idea of the plot but who knows what may change or in what direction things will head. So for now I’m just going to go with things and do my absolute best to put in the effort this project needs. I’m tired of not succeeding and I miss the wildly excited victory posts at the end of the month.

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