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I am appalled with this month. Yes it’s been crazy and a bit of a roller coaster but that’s no excuse. At least I hadn’t tried to write posts about my writer’s block, artist’s angst and general frustrations. Thank goodness for small blessings, eh?

April was supposed to be ChickLit. I wrote 600 words and none of them good. I had no inspiration this month and that makes me sad. The struggles have been getting more and more violent over the past few months. My pile of attempts is quickly growing and ideas have been cast aside with carelessness and abandon.

It’s frightening yet incredibly liberating to realize that ChickLit isn’t for me and I DON’T CARE. I love reading ChickLit but some things are better enjoyed than in which actively participating. This whole year has been an interesting exercise in discovering my creative style and what I enjoy most. It’s been a challenge, one I’ve wondered how I’m going to accomplish. As with every other difficult project in my life, I will see it through to the end.

May’s attempt is going to be a mystery. This is one of the most intimidating ones because I have never been able to figure out the formula or the tricks. For a smart person, I’m pretty obtuse sometimes. I was a pitifully old child before I figured out the villain in Scooby Doo before Velma did. And it just gets worse from there. I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish this one but I’m hoping that with a new job and schedule I’ll be able to make an honest go of the last two months. It’s the best time for me to get this done before I have to start apartment hunting and packing for the inevitable move.

So I’m going to stick with my original plan because I had scrapped ideas at the last minute and that hadn’t ended well. It’s going to be a bit of a wild ride but I’m looking forward to it. I’m actually pretty excited because I have no idea how this is going to turn out. At this point, I don’t care how crappy my writing is, I just want to get something back on paper. I’ll have to write every day because skipping a day is just not an option. The beginning seems to be the most important because that’s when everything is set up and the structure is developed. If I lose interest then, well pfffft. Forget about getting back into the groove of the story! I’d much rather lose steam halfway through because at least at that point i’ll have something to work with in the future.

So as with the beginning of each month, I have the best intentions to get my writing back on track and the routine going again. It’s a new start; this time I’m going to take it seriously. I want to succeed and I truly mean it. So fingers crossed!

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