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Where in holy hannah did May go? I’ve been so oblivious to the passage of time last month that I spent the entire day using May’s bus pass when in fact it’s no longer May or so my calendar says… I grateful that I’m not the only one who’s obviously missed the beginning of the month. I can only hope that my rent cheque hasn’t been processed yet because you can’t pay your rent on $20 in your account. My life is never boring.

So with June comes the last novel in this project. It’s been a tough year in so many respects but so fulfilling at the same time. Even though I didn’t complete as much each month as I had hoped (some months I fell pitifully behind) I’ve learned so much. I’ll write up a year-end summary July 1st regarding those lessons. I’m flabbergasted about how quickly the year has flown past and that I’m already at the last novel.

I slated the fantasy novel for June because I wasn’t sure where else to put it but had no idea what I’d write. As the months whittled down to the end, I realized that the perfect fantasy novel was already attempted so the idea and rough structure is already in place. At this point it’s clear that brainstorming isn’t my problem, where my weakness lies is in follow-through. So, I’m going to cheat. It’s come to the point where I will take whatever help I can get.

As with some of the other months, this one is going to be complicated. Five main characters and attempting a satire?! Am I insane? Is this even possible? I’m sure it is but it’ll be an interesting experience. As experience has shown, there’s no telling what will happen this month. It might be a pitiful attempt or I might blaze a trail of glory across the finish line and end up with another finished novel. On;y time will tell. I can guarantee that this month’s story is going to be SANtastic. After all, it’s filled with zombies! I really do think my imagination has out-done itself this time. *Shivers of excitement* It’s the second novel that will most likely turn into a series. And that’s pretty awesome.


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