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What a way to start the month! I was beautifully set up to have a wild success this month only to be sidelined right away with some nasty food poisoning. Out of commission for 2 days, I have to conserve my energy for work. This is when I envy all those desk jobs out there… I’m feeling better every day but I miss being back to my old self. I never realized how much energy I had and how perky and sunshiny I was until I’m temporarily not at peak performance.

You would think that this would actually work in my favour regarding my writing. With little energy to do much else and with it being so wet and cold out at the moment, it’s prime time to get some good writing accomplished, well it’s hard to do that when sleeping is a much more enticing option. Especially when Yesterday has no problem cuddling up to a recovering sickie.

I opted to finish a story I started 2 years ago rather than start a whole new fantasy novel. I thought this would be a fitting end to a year of creativity, brainstorming and new beginnings. I’ve had enough months of plotting and thinking of new stories on the fly that it’s time to sit down and address one of the biggies from my past that needs to be be completed.

Months ago I mentioned that there were 4 stories that I wanted to complete because they were dead weights to my creative spirit. This fantasy story is the last of the 4. I finished the autobiography, the mystery was a bust and the steampunk is certainly one I want to revisit during round 2. That leaves this last novel.

Last month I was contemplating about whether to keep it as it is or to begin over again but to re-evaluate the ages of my characters. Once again, my protagonists are teenagers. Yet another YA to be done. With that decision made, it gives me direction and focus but it’s still going to be difficult to write. Five main characters?! FIVE? Yeah, my brain hurts from that prospect as well but it’s essential. Then it’s turning into a satire. It’s pretty difficult to maintain the snarkiness and sauciness required to keep the tone even but manageable somehow! I’m still torn though because it has the potential to be truly terrifying rather than a campy, entertaining, easy red.

I can always rewrite the story later at some point and change things. I have a really good feeling about this story; I firmly believe the creative bits are some of my best imaginings to date. So I think there’s much more potential than can be crammed into a month. So for now I’ll focus on getting the bare bones down on paper then during round two, I’ll work on making it the story it’s supposed to be because wouldn’t you know it, it’s supposed to be a series. From where I’m sitting at the moment, it’s at least a 5 novel endeavour. I used to wonder how authors could write a multi-novel story but I absolutely understand and appreciate their intrepid spirit.


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