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One-Day Weekend

One-day weekends suck. I’ve spent most of the last 20 months with a one-day weekend. Granted my schedule is much more flexible than that sounds; it’s not like I’m a banker chained to my wicket 6 days a week but to have two days off is a lovely feeling. At the moment, I’m enjoying working as much as possible but the lure of two days off in a row is very seductive.

Does anyone else have the problem of needing inordinate chunks of time to sit down and write? What I really need is Mavis Beacon’s Typing Tutorial. These novels each month really are a labour of love. When I’m on the roll I can get about 1,000 words an hour but most days it’s a struggle. I would love to be able to zip off a few thousand words in a reasonable 2 hours but as you know that only works if I have the inspiration.

The story is progressing nicely and it’s a lovely feeling to be able to fall back into a creative zone and have the luxury of seeing the day whittle down as my story grows and develops. It’s such a satisfying way to spend a day but it makes me sad that this opportunity comes much more rarely than I’d like. Of course I have the day dreams of holing up in a warm Dublin pub, always in my very own well-worn velvet cushioned booth to work. Some days there would be a pot of delicious black tea on the table beside me, others will be a single-malt whiskey and Guiness chaser. Invariably I’d be a fixture for the establishment.

Our dreams are as integral to our mental health as vacations are. When you think about it, they’re really the same thing. Both offer an escape for our reality and give us a chance to break out of our routine. So even though I made have given up a 5-day work week for a little while, nothing can make me stop dreaming. There is a lot in my life that is amazing and when things need to be shaken up a bit I’ll know where to start.




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