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…but not the Hannibal Lector kind. Have no fear.

I’ve been working on my story as the last week of June comes whipping around the corner. It’s now or never and with resum├ęs sent out to do their work and school application replies eagerly awaited for, now is the perfect time to get lost in a monster story. Who cares if it’s juvenile or poorly written or any of the other criticisms that could cripple a writer. This week is a gift to me to finish a story that’s been anchored to my imagination for almost 3 years now. It’s time to get it out and let it breathe.

I personally think it’s one of the most original, creative works I’ve ever (possibly ever will) come up with. I let my grandfather read it and he loved it. How can I disappoint a Octogarian by leaving it unfinished? That’s just cruel. I had hoped to have it finished by his birthday but seeing as grandpa’s turning 80 in Wednesday, that’s a wee unrealistic.

The story is plodding along and the style is pretty convoluted but for now I don’t care. I want to know what happens to Ollie and the gang. There’s quite the cast of characters, by the laws of probability, there has to be some zinger of a secret (or two or three…) somewhere. But who has the skeleton in their closet? What family is secretly on the other side? What’s going to happen because I already know this isn’t a stand alone book.

I feel like I’m on the Harry Potter track but then isn’t every book about good vs. evil in some way? Some are just more subtle than others. Mine couldn’t be more blatant than a gym full of cherubs and hellish imps playing dodgeball. There is a twist, though. Oh don’t you worry. I can’t write novels that are so conventional. Just ask me about my Sci-Fi attempt. That’s a nightmare in abstract thinking. It still gives me a headache.

So, with my head full of monsters and Boris Karloff, Bella Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr. on my t.v., I’m settling in to tell my story. I’m hoping it’ll suck my readers in as well and give them a little thrill. Who doesn’t like a little bit of Halloween in June?


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