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Oh What to Do?

November has not been overly stellar as of yet. What have I accomplished? Pretty much just what voice and perspective I’ll work with (1st person narrative for the record). I’m really looking forward to starting today. Having run out of reasons why I should put some other task/project ahead of my writing, it’s time to focus and get serious.

Since it’s been a slow and quiet start to the month, there’s really not too much to report. Sadly, I’ve decided to withhold the Western from the Atlantic Writing Competition and I completely forgot to write the short story for the CBC Contest that closed Nov. 1st; in fact, I was lucky to have renewed my professional license for Ontario before the midnight deadline last night. I really do procrastinate to the very last minute. It was just too tough to edit and try to writ at the same time. I don’t want to give Pascal too much attention otherwise I can foresee him crippling me as I work through the remaining genres. I can’t have that.

So with no further delay, let the creativity begin!

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And A New One Begins!

It’s a short post tonight- my birthday’s been more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. Yesterday’s feeling better (poor Furry Little Bum Cheeks has kennel cough) and I went out for some birthday drinks with a schnazzy new haircut that I ADORE (Thank you, my new favourite hairdresser, you know who you are!), and scads of fresh laundry in various stages of being done.

My writing has yet to really get off the ground. I think this month it’s going to be mostly narrative. I just abhor the idea of dialogue. Is is just me or does it seem most books are pull of stilted, awkward phrasing and elementary language? Perhaps I’m just weak at it and narrative is more my style.

The Sci Fi really hasn’t been thought out or detailed in my little brain. I know the general story line but that’s about it. I’m super excited about it, that’s for sure! Hello, November, let’s get this story going!

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