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Counting Down the Days

I can’t wait until next weekend. I’m just itching to start the horror story and get back into writing crazy amounts and living in my head. Perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting this, but my mind feels so empty right now and I miss the feeling of characters taking shape and developing at breakneck speed. I love to be able to experience the creative process- it’s familiar yet different but it’s comforting. I feel at home when I’m wrapped up in the current story; I have no idea what will happen next or who might turn up in the next chapter.

I’ve finally discovered that I much prefer writing to reading. After taking the month off and getting back to the library, I’ve come to realize that I’m really missing the writing process. Reading is fun but I’ve really started picking up on technical bits nad pieces that irk me. Dialogue can sound stilted or awkward and the novel is too simple. Books for adults should not have the reading comprehension level of grade 4. That being said though, I’m suer mine wouldn’t be rated much higher. I highly doubt I’d break into high school. It can be really hard to write fairly sophisticated works.

I think next week I can start outlining the story and see what might develop. I have some ideas but we’ll see how things come together. I do know that it’ll be set in New Orleans and the surrounding bayou. Now if only I could get the movie “The Skeleton Key” out of my head. I can’t wai

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